In 2006 I took a Road Trip from San Francisco to New Mexico and back over the course of a month, writing and taking photos all the way. Two years later I had a show of paintings based on those photographs. This is one of a series of twenty-nine posts of those paintings accompanied by the relevant diary entries.

022 motel 6, farmington, NM

Motel 6, Farmington, New Mexico

17. May 10th 2006.

So I drove and drove and now I am in a motel, drinking beer watching TV and looking forward to a night in a BED. I prefer the TV to the ‘real thing’ because its painful to see how the real thinghas been two dimensionalised. You know where you are and what you are doing with the TV.

(See Baudrillard)

Impressions:Heaving, thrusting, red and hot-that’s the landscape, columns and pinnacles, cleft canyons, striped pink hued. Its a very sexual place…

I used to give Georgia O’Keeffe the benefit of the doubt when she angrily denied that sexuality has anything to do with her paintings. Then I saw her lush flowers in contrast to her husband, Alfred Steiglitzs’, phallic photos of skyscrapers and I thought,

‘Yeh, right, Georgia.’

Driving through the landscape of this place where she spent her last decades I felt like periodically yelling..

“Ah C’MON Georgia!What do you take us for!”

It may have been the mores of the time but its very unusual for an artists to adhere to them or to lack self awareness. I think this lack shows in her later work.



4 responses to “ROAD TRIP : FARMINGTON

  1. Urgh hands up, missed out on Georgia O Keith, I will googley her. Love the bed painting, which also could be construed as sexual if you’re an Emin kinda person, which I’m not, but really maybe not with that bedspread. 😊

  2. Do Google O’Keeffe, I’ll bet you’ll recognise her paintings…she was a great woman…spent the last decades of her life desert,, painting and being looked after by a toy boy…beds are great….there could be that Emin thing but also you can sort of riff on beds and their connections and sort of subvert them…or something…love painting them…

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