july 24th

Hi everyone, in lieu of my post on the importance of the arts which is suffering a long gestation due to my computerless state (as you might see here it’s damnably hard to write a post on a phone with one finger…I mean with my finger, my phone doesn’t have fingers) this post is to pass on the news that there is a debate on the dissolution of the arts ministry and it’s possible reinstatement tomorrow, Wednesday June 22nd 2016 at 4:30pm. It is suggested you email your representatives and urge them to be there. Those of you who can attend in person can also ask for a Dail pass when emailing.You can find contact details here..


For artists in the south east your TDs are..





For reference here is the email I have sent, feel free to copy and paste though a more personal email would be good. Even a couple of lines asking them to attend would suffice.

So get yer fingers out…

Tomorrow there will be a debate on the arts and the unfortunate dissolution of the arts ministry. As an artist in the south east it has not been an easy path though I have not regretted my choices but I was dismayed by the short sightedness of this government’s dissolution of the arts ministry (not to mention the environment ministry) in favour of those concentrating on things rural.

We do not have many resources in this country but our rich tradition of arts practice is surely one of the foremost?
Aside from the more esoteric nature of the arts in that artists are the dreamers of any countrys future, sowing the seeds of ideas that allow us to grow, in very real terms the arts can attract visitors and money to our country. Just look at the efforts being put into Waterford Walls and the Three Sisters bid. And where the visitors are, where the money is spent investment will follow. You cannot afford not to support the arts.

Tomorrow there will be a debate in the Dail on this issue. As a constituent and arts worker I ask you to attend and to support the reinstatment of the arts ministry as a matter of urgency.


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