So, as you have noticed, I have been feeling very uninspired. I did have a new project in mind some months back and I started a couple of paintings but either I didn’t act fast enough and the ideas lost potency as often happens in art as in life. (“Young people take note,”-she quavered as she pointed her crone-like finger at them-“do what you dream of before you stop dreaming of it!”)Or maybe it was too similar to my previous project and didn’t have enough to keep my interest. A bit of both I guess.

So I have been farting around, cannoning between beating myself up and being kind and letting myself be, all the while taking tons of photos. I have been occupying myself by sorting through the thousands of images that have built up on my PC over the summer and as I cruised through some of the more interesting shots I realised I make things worse for myself by trying to plan not one picture but a whole series of them and so I decided I would just do a picture that I wanted to paint, unrelated to any group, an image that had caught my imagination a little. Great.


Then, last night, a FaceBook post reminded me I had promised my friend Ajius to do a picture of a wolf. Ajius set me a project before to paint to Latin Jazz which I loved and I had asked him for another one to see if it would kickstart me. So, all of a sudden, at 11 pm last night I was spilling ink all over the place(mostly on the floor, anyone got any tips for getting ink out of wood…?:/) Again, great.(Except for the floor.)

Then, this morning I was sitting on the low wall at the beach, sipping on tea in the sun, swinging my legs and enjoying the chill of the wind when a thought caught my mind and in 10 minutes a whole new project had formed in my head. It’s a project that’s a conglomeration of a couple of other abandoned ideas. It’s not particularly innovative I’m afraid but it will stretch my painting skills. I am not sure it will be popular, and it won’t be like my previous three shows but, well, all I want is to do something that engages me a bit. I will try I think to get some 3D work out of it, which is something I want to get into.

Irritatingly I am not going to tell you what it is yet, who knows it may disappear with the weekend but I have a good feeling about this. In the mean time here’s a shell study from that abandoned project…



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